Innovative Engineering


istana phuket


CPS Scope:

  • VRV Air-conditioning systems
  • Legrand control Panels
  • Litetouch home automation
  • Iplex Drainage & stormwater Piping
  • Aquatherm Hot & Cold Water Piping systems
  • Zodiac In-floor pool cleaning, chlorinators & pool equip.
  • CPS Potable Water Filtration
  • CPS Re-useable Waste Water Treatment System
  • Quantum Heat Pumps
  • Sonos sound systems
  • Complete home cinema package

Quality Standards:
AS/NZS 3500.0-4, Plumbing Code of
Australian, AS 60529, BS, EIT, TIS

Key Personnel:
Project Manager - Brad Clark
Design Engineer - Darren McMahon
Site Manager - Thanu Permsopa



Prism Estates

Site Location:
Phuket, Thailand

Year Completed:
June 2011

Project Description:
Istana is one of the leading high end residential projects in Thailand; with the average house price around 6 million USD. CPS has been awarded the contract directly from the client to provide a full design and build of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems on all 19 residences, including full site infrastructure.

Due to the high profile of the project, the client has asked CPS to provide a system which includes the latest in home automation and luxury products whilst also providing an energy efficient and environmentally friendly finish; these products include such items as photosensitive blinds which follow the sun to provide cooling throughout the house, roof top reflection ponds which prevent heat build up on the flat roofs and in-floor pool cleaning systems which provide full pool maintenance and stop the need for staff manually cleaning the pool. CPS has once again exceeded the client's expectations and the final product will be one of the most state of the art installations provided throughout the region.